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We are a company with a new concept in caring for a customer who needs to move their possessions.

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The leadership of the company has many years of knowledge and experience to their credit. Our staff is well trained and experienced. We work in so much harmony and will contain you, the customer, in our world. Where we differ from the rest is how the customer is treated during the entire process and shortly thereafter the move has been completed.
Moving is not just a matter of having a moving crew and a truck show up at your door one day; handle what is sentimental and valuable to you without the proper attention shown to you as a customer prior to that day.

Unfortunately for the Moving Industry little change has occurred that would make those who are moving take notice and feel confident in whom they have chosen to handle their belongings. Instead they are hesitant, mistrusting, questioning their choice of a mover constantly while being afraid they will be taken advantage of and become one of the awful stories so many hear about on a daily bases.

There are many problems in the way a customer is cared for by their chosen moving company. In most cases after the paperwork has been signed and the date for the move is established, the next time contact is made prior to the moving day and normally by a dispatcher who is just trying to establish his work load for the next day without any feelings or concerns for your issues.

Another problem is on the day of the move, you, the customer, now find yourself in the hands of individuals who lack the skill of being able to converse with a customer. If an issue arises and you wish to speak with your sales representative, you find yourself directed to a dispatcher whose only concern is to handle the multiple moves and trucks that day; a person who is not interested in answering your questions or resolving your uncertainty.

This is not a way a customer should be treated. However and unfortunately this is real life with most moving companies.
A change is needed to aid the customer during this most stressfull time.

Not only by making contact a day prior to the move date, but throughout the entire process. You need someone who you can rely upon and trust to be sympathetic to your questions and concerns.A helping hand. A friend. A moving company who understands this is all new to someone who is moving, and they are there to help and not to add to the stressful situation the customer is already under.

That's what we here at Personalized Moving are all about; caring for our customers. In order to accomplish what we preach, we have created our unique "Personalized Care - No Issue Policy" program. This you can read about in the category "Our Care Program".

See for yourself what the difference is and how we intend to care for your needs. Let us show you what a little caring can do ... and the difference it can make.

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