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Moving Glasses & Dishware


These Fine Points and Pitfalls of Moving are to enlighten you of what you should be aware of before and during the move.

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Some people when doing their own packing may decide to have their mover tend to pack their dishes and glassware while they pack all other possessions. This is known as a “delicate pack” to a mover.

But other times those who are moving may decide to pack everything themselves. For them these instructions are essential for a proper pack:
  Fine Points:
When packing dishes and glassware, a Dish Pack or a 5.8 cubic foot carton should be used. The walls of the carton should be lined with bubble wrap while crumbled paper should be used to make a base on the bottom.

Dishes are wrapped in paper, placed flat in the carton with a plate divider to be used to buffer the next plate being layered upon it. This procedure is continued until the carton is filled. Glassware can also be included in the carton wrapped in a glass wrap and paper.

Once the carton is filled, crumbled paper should be used for a cushioned base on the top of the carton before taping it closed.
  Pitfalls -
What you
should look
out for:
If purchasing cardboard material from your moving company who will physically handle the move, he must under Department of Transportation regulations supply “Free of Charge” all packing material needed to pack the carton and tape to seal it.

This packing material can consist of Bubble-wrap, Plate Dividers, Glass-wraps, Newsprint Paper and Tape.

Before the start and on the day of the physical move after surveying the items, the crew chief may suggest certain articles be placed in cartons before handling.

Technically, the sales representative who viewed your possessions should have noticed this and made a notation for its packing. Now there is a chance that this was missed, or the crew chief is just trying to sell additional cardboard material at an inflated price for which he receives a commission. If what he is trying to sell is only one or two cartons and is willing to give “Free of Charge” the tape and anything necessary to properly pack the carton, the request is probably legitimate. If he refuses to give “Free of Charge” the tape and anything else needed to properly pack the carton, his request can be considered suspicious.
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